Aku sika opens a very huge provision shop on the further side of her neighbour’s shop in front of the house.

Ann’s mom brawls her daughter to enter a nursing school because Mrs. Andoh, their family friend’s daughter, is doing quite well in nursing.

Marilyn is an entrepreneur, she deals in dresses and shoes. After a year, Mirabel also becomes a speculator, dealing in the same stocks her friend started a year ago.

The real question is, for which impetus are each one of these starting theirs?

there’s actually nothing wrong with doing what everyone else is doing, but, are you doing so because someone you know is burgeoning so well in that field?

Is that where your best can be seen among others?

well, I’m sure you know I do not have answers to these questions because you have them.

we all aren’t meant for one thing. Don’t get frustrated because others are excelling in areas you are not.

Jossy Equa.


The Monitors

I really need to share this with you. I only knew about spiritual monitoring until I fully got to know about physical monitoring too.

let me just brief you small on spiritual monitoring even though that is not really the focus here today. This one is mostly done by spiritual beings that look into your life daily. They actually follow your every step, just to know how well you are planning to make it. Sometimes, they are there to even ensure that most of your daily plans fail.

It’s the same with the Physical Monitors. there are some people who follow you everywhere including all social media platforms. It not because they like you and are following you with a good mindset.


Theses people follow to also see how well you think you can go in life. In their hearts, they never wish you well.( their wishes can spoil your plans). In fact, they wish you never succeed. they wish you fall from the top Bram! to the ground.

Thank me later!

Jossy Equa.

shut it up!

With my mouth full of words and wide open, I learnt how to shut it!

I would rather fill the mouth with food than to have it empty and grant it an opportunity to let it out.

With my mouth shut! I spy with the eyes and heart and put my words rather into action.

With my mouth shut! I run the race nobody could run in the family.

With my mouth shut! I began to see the scares beyond people’s smile.

I would rather loose the lips to create than to destroy.



Jossy Equa.


She promised to take me through school, once I come to live with her and serve.
He promised to sponsor my talent, once I come to work under him. He even promised to make me feel comfortable and to even train me to become better for the world market.
Days passed, I humbly served.
Weeks passed, I gave my all.
Months passed, I served with all that was in me.
Years passed, I have been stuck. The promises were not even mentioned anymore.
This time, I wasn’t made to serve. I was used.
I hoped that just one day, madam will remember and keep her promises.
I comforted myself each year, saying, that one day, boss will introduce me out there like he promised.
After a dacade of serving, I realised, I had dreams, I had visions, there were so much I wanted to show the world. I saw I have been confined to a cage. I have become scared of my own dreams. I am afraid I can’t accomplish them anymore.

So, like Pharaoh did to the Israelites:
So many bosses and madams have shuttered a lot of dreams and visions of their (workers, followers, servants, etc.)
Now, their wanting to help has become wanting to use. Because of their selfish gains. For fear of having to start all over again when these servers leave.
They’ve been helpful…. Yes!
They’ve been a blessing… Yes!
But they can’t be like them or even more…. No!
Because they’ve learnt too much. They can’t just take all that knowledge away?
They will become a threat to their career, company, industry, ministry.. Etc.
For that matter, they have to still serve.
These thoughts, have become the corrupt mindset of so many leaders out there.
They’ve consciously and unconsciously become Pharaohs in the lives of many who were also born leaders.
To you the bosses and madams ; When it is time, Let them go!
Like God said to Pharaoh after so many years of enslaving the Israelites ; Let my people go!
To you who is born a leader and has become encaged ; I boldly say to you… Rise up and Build!
There are so many capabilities placed in your ability!
The world has been waiting long enough for your manifestation!
Don’t continue to console yourself with the fake promises, when you know it is not going to happen.
Jossy Equa is the name.