Jossy needed money badly.

It was so urgent that she couldn’t wait for the next day.

She swallowed her pride and went to seek help from her friends next door.

Jossy knocked severally on the room five door.

After some few minutes, Grace reluctantly opened the door to listen to her.

When Grace heard Jossy needed money urgently, she agreed to help and asked Jossy to wait at the door.

Grace shut the door and returned to her room.

Although Grace had agreed to help, her face just didn’t seem right to Jossy.

Grace’s face and reaction told something different from her promise to help.

Jossy patiently paced up and down in front of the door, hoping Grace will finally open again.

Mary, Grace’s room-mate approached, she met Jossy, still pacing up and down in front of the door.

Mary queried.

Jossy explained to her how she desperately needed money at that moment.

On hearing this, Mary expeditiously removed her small purse from her bag.

She brought out all she had and proffered them to Jossy.

Even though she knew the money was not up to the amount Jossy needed.

What surprised Jossy was,

After Mary had given her all she had, she went on to the next room to borrow more and to add up to what she had already given Jossy.

She hugged Mary in tears and thanked her.

Just as she was about leaving, Grace opened the door and on a phone call.

She came face to face with Mary and Jossy.

Then she said,

Oh God, Jossy you are still here. I’m so sorry, I almost forgot I asked you to wait.

I was caught up in a phone conversation. Here have the money you asked for.

she stretched her hand with an amount of money in her palm.

Jossy smiled and replied,

Oh don’t worry Grace, I have already gotten the help I needed and on time. Thanks to Mary here.

Jossy left abruptly.

This is so real, most people usually offer help but with the wrong attitude.

There are others who also genuinely help people with such an enthusiastic right attitude.

Sometimes, it is not even about the help but the attitude.

Do you know the wonderful truth I’ve learnt about these two kinds of helpers?

Let me tell you:

Most of the people who genuinely help and with the right attitude, predominantly even forget the help they offered to those who were desperately in need.

But, those that usually help with the wrong attitude, are the ones that generally use the help they offered to make demands later in the future.

You know why?

Because their help was not genuine! It didn’t come from their heart.

I have tasted being needy and how people often treat you when you are in need.

There were those that offered genuine help and I could tell it all from their actions (attitude).

Pukkaly, I saw their help came from their heart and not for any selfish gains later.

people like that will always be remembered not just for the help but the help and the attitude.

Jossy Equa.


Today’s Rich Ghanaian Man

He met me on the street of Accra one awful evening. His car came to a halt as soon as he saw me. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even hear the car’s horn blowing to get my attention. I was damn! in need of money to settle a lot of my bills in school. And to even buy food to eat. the Benz moved slowly and blocked my way.I suddenly came into my body again.

Mr. Rich man rolled down his glass window, smiled and called, “hey sweet young lady. aren’t you in for a quick ride? I also smiled and hopped in. He took a quick glance at me, while he did that, I also smartly looked out for somethings in his car. My eyes met a first poster in his car, showing he was a Ghanaian politician and also a civil engineer. The second also confirmed he was contesting for an MP in the Bongo District. I know for sure that he saw poverty written all over me. So he asked, You look like you need something. Tell me, what do you need? I poured my heart to him like a dog who tried to bark so hard to let his master know how starved it was.

At first, I saw pity on his face and then, he opted to help me. I thought he was a God sent. I was convinced he was sent by God to help a poor needy girl trying to escape the hard torture of life.

Not until he gave me an option.

“You are beautiful and you need a man like me to add more beauty to the already pretty girl you are”. he paused and continued. All I need from you is a good sex I haven’t had for the four years my wife left me. I have been so lonely since then and I need a beautiful lady like you by my side”.

At this point, he was almost shedding tears.

Gush! I was touched. For once, I forgot all my problems and wanted to make him happy. I felt this sudden urge to help the lonely man. After some few minutes of silence in the car, I thought again about how I needed money to survive in Accra. How stranded I was that night. how I had no relatives there who could help.

Yes, I was so needy and never thought of going back home without making the family proud.

pirrrrrr! Pirrrrrr! pirrrrrr! his phone rung and interrupted my thought.

Mr. Rich man removed his phone from his pocket. He looked at the screen for the caller. At once, his mood changed. I saw how his heart lighted again as soon as he saw the caller through his facial reaction. Then, he smiled and answered the phone.

“Hello daddy’s pride, how is studies going”? he spoke

I didn’t actually hear what the caller said, but from their conversation, I realized the caller was his middle daughter who was 19 years in the University. She had called to demand money from her father who called her his pride. Again, my eyes went back to the posters I saw earlier. The name I saw looked familiar. I began to search my head for where I could have come across that name.

After agreeing to his daughter’s demands, his last few words woke me up from the nightmare.

He said : my pride, Ohenewaa Agyemang, the only favourite daughter of the Bongo District MP ( he bragged). Daddy is begging you to study so hard and get a first class degree. That way, I can straightaway get you a scholarship to further the degree to a masters outside the country. For the next seven years, I do not want you to think of entering any foolish love relationship. You will only come back to Ghana with a P.H.D in your profession.

Ahaaaaa! I really knew this man. Ohenewaa Agyemang was my course mate and my room-mate in school for that matter. This girl talks about his daddy who seemed like an angel. To her, Daddy was an excellent man in the entire universe. Wait, I needed to confirm for sure.

On a more serious note, the advice he gave to his daughter hit me right in the face. No, no, no hold on, did I hear him say that to his daughter? I asked myself.

This man wanted me to satisfy him in bed before he could help me? I was only 19 years. I needed to hear those same words from my poor dad too? But, it was a big no, because Daddy couldn’t even supply all my needs than to call and encourage me to study hard for him. All he could say to me, was to trust in only God for provision and not even in him, who was struggling to supply my needs.

So, Mr. Rich man needed me to perform duties like his runaway wife while his daughter concentrate on her studies? Hell No! I would have been foolish if I gave in to his offer.

I had dreams like he had for his daughter. I also knew perfectly well that even though daddy couldn’t supply me with everything, he believed in my dreams too. I could never have shut those dreams and play a sex doll for someone who wanted a future for his daughter who was the same age as me.

After his call, he dropped his phone and turned to me. I pretended to be busy on my phone.

He rubbed his palm slowly in my hair and called ” sweetie”. Nonchalantly, I raised my head and faked a smile at him. Then I asked, “was that your girlfriend” ( I teased). You seem to be so fond of her.

Hahahahahah! he laughed so hard and asked, “are you jealous already”? “Are you serious?” I also asked and chuckled. Well eeeeeerm, that was my sweet little daughter studying medicine in the University Of Ghana, he replied.

He looked me closely in the eye. He pulled closer and closer. I knew he was in for his first kiss right in his car. He touched my small chicken looked-like lap in the skinny jeans trouser I wore.

Like Lucifer thrown from heaven, I had this urge to destroy this man within my power. My eyes popped out as my hand touched an empty alcohol bottle behind my seat. I thought of hitting him so hard on the head.

Nope, I needed a better solution. Jossy you for look sharp, I thought. mistakenly my hand pressed the video record on my phone. Yes! That was exactly what I needed. I quickly wrapped my hands around his neck and held the phone tightly above his left shoulder.

Mr. Agyemang, I cleared my throat and continued. you want your first kiss already? Yeah baby, yeah and even more. It been so long I felt this way. Baby grant me the joy of making me taste it right here.. yes I mean now. He said. this time, he was breathing so fast like he had lost breath after running a long race.

Ohenewaa Agyemang, class 102, Volta Hall, room 218, I said. Quickly he withdrew from his position and questioned. Did I mention all that in my phone conversation too.”Nope”, I replied and proceeded…. “I know because I am Ohenewaa’s room-mate”. She speaks so well of you Honourable M.P. I couldn’t hold my laughter when I saw the look on his face. He looked like he had encounter an evil spirit in his car.

Calmly,he mastered the courage to speak again but a bit frightened this time. “You are the Jossy she speaks about all the time”? Yes Honourable”, I answered and smiled (teasingly). He came in again. “Oh dear I’m so sorry for my actions earlier on. Kindly forgive me. Ohenewaa told me how you sometimes help with her studies. from the way she spoke about you, I could tell you are a brilliant girl too”.

“Please, let’s forget about all that I said and never mention this to my daughter. In fact, I would do my best to help with some of your bills too for free”, he pleaded. I replied, “oh, so you can actually help me with that for free? Okay that’s fine…. let just say I have eeeerm, a short video of our little secret here on my phone” and I played.

With his head shamelessly bowed, I opened the car and stepped out….. Jossy , Jossy , I heard him call but I was already out in the dark.

That night, I slept peacefully knowing that I could count on my father’s words to TRUST GOD FOR MY NEEDS.

Ladies, who can guess how I had my bills settled from time to time, after my encounter with Mr. Agyemang? I never met him face to face again but my bills were mostly settled and on time. Imagine how I could have worked all night on him in bed for like only God knows how many rounds and hours. While my rommie studied all night . Just think of how these rich men who can help us only if we perform wifely duties to them, have daughters like us who they want to push to pursue their dreams and become great leaders in our country.

Don’t you think we deserve same or even more?

Jossy Equa.

The Love adventure -episode 2

where did I even get to? eeeeeeeerm…… yes! I remember.  So, I was talking about my meeting with eeeerm Kofi Anderson right? let’s get started.

The next day, Lisa intentionally invited me to meet Kofi. So that he prove he could really do what he said on phone. Instead of beating me, he rather laughed throughout our conversation. I introduced myself with smiles and reminded him about his beating. It was so funny. How Kofi quickly changed the topic and afterwards, exchanged contact with me got me thinking night after night.

Later that evening, he called and we spoke on phone for about an hour. Kofi was really an interesting guy with a big dream. But, he wasn’t the church type like I was. The things we spoke about during our long phone calls pulled me towards him. He made me laugh every day. I mostly used that opportunity to share my faith with him, that always got us arguing. my mindset at first was to change Kofi. I wanted him to love God like he did before. I realized he was once a church boy. He even spent time giving me bible references whenever I raised issues concerning my faith.

Our relationship grew more after school. I visited him often when I had nothing to do at home. Even with that, we had to argue before I did so.

during one of our long midnight calls, Kofi finally (I was actually waiting for that) proposed and I warmly accepted with some conditions. I told him no strange touching or meetings will be involved in our relationship and no sex till marriage. Kofi assured me he wouldn’t force me to do things I would not like to do in the relationship.

Oh, how sweet it was to fall in love with a handsome guy who can make you laugh every day.  That was when I began making more long (I mean long, like very long) night calls. My attitude changed. It was as if he injected me with something unexplainable. I woke up and performed my chores at home without allowing mom to preach me on waking up early from bed; I clear and cleaned the kitchen with so much ease and enthusiasm every morning. Kofi woke me up around 4- 5 am before the sun rose. He changed me completely; I was so full of life each morning. I spent time talking and messaging him all day.

Jossy Equa

Guess what happened? there is more to know.

Don’t miss the next episode.

The Love adventure – episode 1

So, I can recall those days at school….. oh my God! they are marvelous memories to remember.

Oh my last days in high school were indeed pleasurable!

Kofi Anderson was my beau after school. We met during those last days on campus. Lisa, the fanatical girl with the “I don’t care” attitude matched us. Kofi was the course mate of Lisa. We lived in the same vicinity but, we never spoke until Lisa introduced us. Those days, most of the students enjoyed secret long phone calls in the dormitory.

You know what’s fascinating about that? those acts were strictly prohibited by the school rules. But as execrable as we were, some of us even did worst in the dormitory…. hahahahah! my bad! I always laugh to crack a rib whenever I remember some of the things we did.

Lisa was always seen among boys. And so she was pictured as a bad girl, in fact, none of the boys she moved with were good. They always violated school rules and landed in trouble.

Wondering if Kofi Anderson was one of the bad boys on campus? Well, Yes! I so remember how he was caught playing games during class hours at a game center. He actually got an indefinite suspension from school. But,that never worried Kofi. He wasn’t ready to change for the better.

That particular Thursday night was exasperating, Lisa happily spoke to Kofi on phone, she paused and called……. ‘Jossy Jossy, Jossy’

I was terribly hungry and I tried to eat something from my chopbox before sleeping. those days, it wasn’t easy to prep whiles the belly made some disgusting noise to let you know how starved it was. It makes you the first person to leave the prepping hall, immediately the bell rung and we heard…… Preeeeeeep Over!

So, I was not in the mood for any heart-to-hearts with anyone in the’ dorm’ that night. I heard Lisa call the first, second and third. then I angrily responded… ‘Yes, talk.

Lisa told me a friend extended his greetings to me. (In my thought) A guy I didn’t know extending greetings to me? Well, I don’t know him, I told Lisa. My words made me the number one enemy of Kofi Anderson.

In fact, he told Lisa he would beat me whenever he meets me one on one because, I said I didn’t know him. That was how our friendship began. Someone who wanted to beat me became……………….. I Got you!

Who else remember those days?

To be continued in the next episode..

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