Miss holico diaries: 2

“Baby it’s been wonderful having you around. I wish you could stay and leave tomorrow” Adezua said as she kissed Enoch.

Mmmmm! Annet cleared her throat and passed. She carried her archaic bag and a water bottle. ” Annet, Adezua called. Do you need a ride to school”? She asked. “Yeah, I am late today and a ride to school can save me transport cost” Annet replied.

“Okay, Babby can you please drop my roommate off to school”? Adezua asked and gave Enoch a wink. “Cool” he replied. Annet took the lead. She waited for Enoch and Adezua behind the car. When they came out, Adezua couldn’t let go of her sweetheart. She turned and saw the furious look Annet had on her face and quickly let go of Enoch.” Baby, you need to get going. Someone is running late”. She chuckled and pushed Enoch into the car. Annet made herself comfortable next to Enoch. “Bye honey” Adezua waved as the car took off.

Annet and Enoch sat silently as they drove past the Ayele spot.

” Hey, Annet”.. “Yessss”, she replied, looking outside the window. “You look great this morning” said Enoch. Annet refused to reply. “You didn’t even great me when you saw me and i even thought you will definitely do so maybe in the car but no”. Annet refused to look at Enoch or reply.

” Madam, what the hell is wrong with you”? ….he yelled. You dont know how to greet and you expect me to drop you off to school?? Annet still remained silence. ” Annet get down now! Enoch instructed and stopped the car. Annet slowly opened the door and got down. She hissed. Nonsense, all you know is kiss, kiss girls. that silly mouth of yours wants to respond to my greetings. Mtcheeeew. Enoch speedily drove his car off as soon as Annet got down.

Suddenly, the rain began falling heavily. Annet had no where to hide in the middle of the road. Cars drove past and refused to pick her because she was soaked in the rain.

To be continued……

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Miss holico diaries:

Adezua rushed into the room shouting and giggling on the phone.
“I’d love you till I die alhaji”..she said and laughed again.
Annet could no longer continue reading..
Adezua’s voice was too loud to keep her focus.
“What has made Adezua so happy this evening”?
Annet asked herself in a lower tone.
Then Adezua poured from the Gucci poly bag she held…. Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, designer bag, Puma foot wear,designer clothes…” Oh my God! These were just the things we checked out on some Instagram pages last week” said Annet… Infact everyone of the girls at the hostel wanted to get those stuffs….. ” Adezua, you got them already? Girl you are just….. But how did you get all these? Annet asked again.
” Alhaji my love, let me call you back in a jiffy” Adezua said as she hanged up.
“Why all these questions? Who else can get these for me if not my sugar daddy”? Adezua replied.
“So you mean Alhaji got all these for you without asking for anything in return? Annet asked naively.
Hahahhha! “Madam holy goddess, be there decieving your naive soul.. this modern world, we use our body for the things we want period”! Adezua said and snatched her shoes from her.
Annet swallowed her next word and tore a T-roll from the table behind her bed.
She walked out of the room.
As she sat on the toilet seat, she spoke in a lower tone to herself.” Eiii Baba God ino easy oo… See all my eyes saw yet, I can’t have unless I use my body”… She sat silently for some seconds and continued….” Boyfriend, broke pass my father but we say we still dey wait for your blessings Oga Jesus”… Na what nonsense love to is this ke? God it’s true I say I dey worship you for life but I tire oooo”
“All these fine fine things Adezua gets in just a second…. Who said I don’t like if I get?
This life no easy for us ooo chai!

To be continued in the next episode…..
This diary is here to let you know the other side of girls in the society who wants to live a moral life.
Deep down their hearts, they wished for life the other way round.
If you are one of us, agree with me that … sometimes, living morally is no joke at all!!
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