Be Expectant When You Have Worked For It.

I’m very spiritual in my walk of life.

But I do not forget about the fact that, I live in a physical world.

Therefore, I do not behave all spiritual and expect my dreams to manifest all by themselves.

Prayer without work, yield no result

P – W = 0%

But then, work and prayer yields good result.

W+P = 100% (excellent)

Stop believing in miracles you have not worked for.

stop trusting in fruitfulness if you have not planted.

Miracles do happen after you have worked!

Jossy Equa.


Everyone is Born a Leader

I’m a leader, so are you.

Do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior.

I have always heard people say, “some people are born leaders while others are not”.

It could be true to them but, not to I, Jossy!

I believe everyone is a leader in their own circles and that is why we do not have just one president governing the entire globe.

we rather have different president(s) for each nation in the world. Let me give you a clear example about what I’m actually trying to say.

President Barack Obama is an African but a great leader outside the African continent(America). This makes him a leader to those he was born to lead/ for.

I’m telling you a fact, everyone is a leader to some sort of people in this world.

I could be your Leader but I may also be someone else’s follower.

You could be my follower but you could also be someone else’s leader!

Leadership is for everyone, so take dominion in your own circle NOW!

My Leader, I call you so, because you are!

Jossy Equa.

Hey You! You are Good There!

For sure, I know I am not too good at somethings, but I don’t stress myself on them.

Because the real truth is, I can’t be good at them.

And the things I can and I am, I do it with passion.

For instance, I Jossy, I’m not too good at cooking.

Note: I didn’t say (not good at cooking) but, I used ( not too good)


I know for sure that somebody surpasses me in that area.

But it doesn’t mean I’m so dumb?

I know that I am too good at reading and writing. So, I focus on bettering that area to perfection.

Don’t worry if you are not good here!

You are good there!

Jossy Equa.

Your Passion

The visions I could see beyond the art class were as countless as the sea sand. But, in the science class, all I saw was a surgeon in an operation room.

I could read and never blink an eye.

I could stare at words and never feel the urge to even eat.

On the other hand, I could calculate for just a second and remember all the things I haven’t done in the day.

When it was test time, I scored in English like a grandchild of Shakespeare.

But in science, all I remembered in front of my blank sheet was the painful injection I received helplessly on the sick bed.

Yes! I chose an art school over a science school. Because there, I saw on the doorstep my capability of turning an empty pot into tonnes of gold.

But in the science school, I saw the bones of a lifeless animal and human.

The sight was so disgusting for my vision.

Everyone thought I made the wrong decision but, deep down I knew they were too blind to see what I saw.

Today, I’m able to impart an insight into ourselves that science itself cannot manage.

I have others sense what I felt when I photographed people, nature, animals and places.

By telling a story, I connect with others too. We talk about ourselves, our feelings, and what it is to be a human.

With language, I can record the beauty and power in the things that I see and feel.

Today, I’m not only respected as an artist, but, I’m also held as a scientist because my works are sometimes inspired by science.

As an Alchemist who mixes paint, Jamie studies the effect of colour and learns how to perceive light.

Today, an artist can tell you what the doctor saw in his microscope through her creative work. Because she simply turns his words into reality by drawing them. Either than that, all his scientific explanations would have been unseen and unrealistic to the rest of humanity.

Follow Your Passion!