Miss holico diaries: 2

“Baby it’s been wonderful having you around. I wish you could stay and leave tomorrow” Adezua said as she kissed Enoch.

Mmmmm! Annet cleared her throat and passed. She carried her archaic bag and a water bottle. ” Annet, Adezua called. Do you need a ride to school”? She asked. “Yeah, I am late today and a ride to school can save me transport cost” Annet replied.

“Okay, Babby can you please drop my roommate off to school”? Adezua asked and gave Enoch a wink. “Cool” he replied. Annet took the lead. She waited for Enoch and Adezua behind the car. When they came out, Adezua couldn’t let go of her sweetheart. She turned and saw the furious look Annet had on her face and quickly let go of Enoch.” Baby, you need to get going. Someone is running late”. She chuckled and pushed Enoch into the car. Annet made herself comfortable next to Enoch. “Bye honey” Adezua waved as the car took off.

Annet and Enoch sat silently as they drove past the Ayele spot.

” Hey, Annet”.. “Yessss”, she replied, looking outside the window. “You look great this morning” said Enoch. Annet refused to reply. “You didn’t even great me when you saw me and i even thought you will definitely do so maybe in the car but no”. Annet refused to look at Enoch or reply.

” Madam, what the hell is wrong with you”? ….he yelled. You dont know how to greet and you expect me to drop you off to school?? Annet still remained silence. ” Annet get down now! Enoch instructed and stopped the car. Annet slowly opened the door and got down. She hissed. Nonsense, all you know is kiss, kiss girls. that silly mouth of yours wants to respond to my greetings. Mtcheeeew. Enoch speedily drove his car off as soon as Annet got down.

Suddenly, the rain began falling heavily. Annet had no where to hide in the middle of the road. Cars drove past and refused to pick her because she was soaked in the rain.

To be continued……

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Miss holico diaries:

Adezua rushed into the room shouting and giggling on the phone.
“I’d love you till I die alhaji”..she said and laughed again.
Annet could no longer continue reading..
Adezua’s voice was too loud to keep her focus.
“What has made Adezua so happy this evening”?
Annet asked herself in a lower tone.
Then Adezua poured from the Gucci poly bag she held…. Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, designer bag, Puma foot wear,designer clothes…” Oh my God! These were just the things we checked out on some Instagram pages last week” said Annet… Infact everyone of the girls at the hostel wanted to get those stuffs….. ” Adezua, you got them already? Girl you are just….. But how did you get all these? Annet asked again.
” Alhaji my love, let me call you back in a jiffy” Adezua said as she hanged up.
“Why all these questions? Who else can get these for me if not my sugar daddy”? Adezua replied.
“So you mean Alhaji got all these for you without asking for anything in return? Annet asked naively.
Hahahhha! “Madam holy goddess, be there decieving your naive soul.. this modern world, we use our body for the things we want period”! Adezua said and snatched her shoes from her.
Annet swallowed her next word and tore a T-roll from the table behind her bed.
She walked out of the room.
As she sat on the toilet seat, she spoke in a lower tone to herself.” Eiii Baba God ino easy oo… See all my eyes saw yet, I can’t have unless I use my body”… She sat silently for some seconds and continued….” Boyfriend, broke pass my father but we say we still dey wait for your blessings Oga Jesus”… Na what nonsense love to is this ke? God it’s true I say I dey worship you for life but I tire oooo”
“All these fine fine things Adezua gets in just a second…. Who said I don’t like if I get?
This life no easy for us ooo chai!

To be continued in the next episode…..
This diary is here to let you know the other side of girls in the society who wants to live a moral life.
Deep down their hearts, they wished for life the other way round.
If you are one of us, agree with me that … sometimes, living morally is no joke at all!!
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Be The Need !

Jossy lived with a certain man at a very crucial time in her life.

He used to make sexual advances at her before she got to live with him. To her, she was ready to serve as a daughter and to learn from him in the career she had chosen in life.

She knew for sure, that he always thought once she got to live in his house, he was sure to win her and sleep with her.

Every morning, Jossy stood infront of the mirror in her room and told herself that: ” sleeping with the old geek for any reason in life will be over her living and dead body”.

Almost every week, Jossy watched closely how young girls her age and below slipped into the mansion just to come and have sexual fun with the old man. They usually left the house at dawn and she only saw them again by peeping through her window.

Do you know how the old man referred to them?

“My friends”.

Yes! He slept with the girls he called his friends. Jossy always laughed so hard in the head when he confides in her about every single one of those girls he slept with.

Sometimes, after listening to him, she went back to the room and wondered what the hell was wrong with those girls?

Crying out loud, the old man in question had three children who were all girls. And they all lived with the woman after their divorce. Seriously, he took very good care of them and encouraged them to work hard and excell in school.

You know what’s funny?

He slept with the young girls who were less privelleged to continue their education after Junior and senior high schools, from poor backgrounds and were struggling to cater for themselves.

He decieved them with the little money he gave them, his mansion and other properties. He told them bloody lies about how he could cater for them and they all fell for them.

Do you know what I am actually trying to point out?

After all the girls that came to him day after day, night after nights, and week after weeks. He still needed Jossy to do him a lot of favours.

Favours none of those girls were equiped to do . They only came to sleep with him, took his filthy money and left.

There were several instances that Jossy left him alone in his house and went out to engage in something meaningful.

(Whispering) Shhhhhhhhh, it was actually intentional.

Do you know what happened in those few days Jossy left?

He called her every second, minute, hours and day…… Seeking for her opinions on decisions he was about making, confiding in her on trival issues, discussing his plans as well as financial plans with her.

And most of all, wanting to know when exactly she’ was returning to his house because he needed her to cook for him, polish his shoes, help him find his body creme in the mornings when he’s in a hurry for work/ meetings, iron for him, do fruit smoothies for him before bed every night and etc.

After all the numerous girlfriends, none was able to stay and to serve him with his needs.

Let me gossip,(whispering) shhhhhhhh. Do you know how those girlfriends normally referred to him? ” The disturber”.

Very true, that man was the most annoying and difficult human being I have ever served in life, said Jossy as she laid on her bed one night. In fact, one needed an extra heart to deal with him. She continued.

Not once or twice, he confessed to Jossy saying: ” all though I know and believe you would never give me what I actually want(sex), I need you in my house because of your heart of understanding and service”. It sounded funny to Jossy because she knew her days in that house were numbered.

It isn’t actually the sex that a man needs, yes they may think that is what they need but that’s not it.

I rest my case and I’m outta here…….

Jossy Equa.


Jossy needed money badly.

It was so urgent that she couldn’t wait for the next day.

She swallowed her pride and went to seek help from her friends next door.

Jossy knocked severally on the room five door.

After some few minutes, Grace reluctantly opened the door to listen to her.

When Grace heard Jossy needed money urgently, she agreed to help and asked Jossy to wait at the door.

Grace shut the door and returned to her room.

Although Grace had agreed to help, her face just didn’t seem right to Jossy.

Grace’s face and reaction told something different from her promise to help.

Jossy patiently paced up and down in front of the door, hoping Grace will finally open again.

Mary, Grace’s room-mate approached, she met Jossy, still pacing up and down in front of the door.

Mary queried.

Jossy explained to her how she desperately needed money at that moment.

On hearing this, Mary expeditiously removed her small purse from her bag.

She brought out all she had and proffered them to Jossy.

Even though she knew the money was not up to the amount Jossy needed.

What surprised Jossy was,

After Mary had given her all she had, she went on to the next room to borrow more and to add up to what she had already given Jossy.

She hugged Mary in tears and thanked her.

Just as she was about leaving, Grace opened the door and on a phone call.

She came face to face with Mary and Jossy.

Then she said,

Oh God, Jossy you are still here. I’m so sorry, I almost forgot I asked you to wait.

I was caught up in a phone conversation. Here have the money you asked for.

she stretched her hand with an amount of money in her palm.

Jossy smiled and replied,

Oh don’t worry Grace, I have already gotten the help I needed and on time. Thanks to Mary here.

Jossy left abruptly.

This is so real, most people usually offer help but with the wrong attitude.

There are others who also genuinely help people with such an enthusiastic right attitude.

Sometimes, it is not even about the help but the attitude.

Do you know the wonderful truth I’ve learnt about these two kinds of helpers?

Let me tell you:

Most of the people who genuinely help and with the right attitude, predominantly even forget the help they offered to those who were desperately in need.

But, those that usually help with the wrong attitude, are the ones that generally use the help they offered to make demands later in the future.

You know why?

Because their help was not genuine! It didn’t come from their heart.

I have tasted being needy and how people often treat you when you are in need.

There were those that offered genuine help and I could tell it all from their actions (attitude).

Pukkaly, I saw their help came from their heart and not for any selfish gains later.

people like that will always be remembered not just for the help but the help and the attitude.

Jossy Equa.


Aku sika opens a very huge provision shop on the further side of her neighbour’s shop in front of the house.

Ann’s mom brawls her daughter to enter a nursing school because Mrs. Andoh, their family friend’s daughter, is doing quite well in nursing.

Marilyn is an entrepreneur, she deals in dresses and shoes. After a year, Mirabel also becomes a speculator, dealing in the same stocks her friend started a year ago.

The real question is, for which impetus are each one of these starting theirs?

there’s actually nothing wrong with doing what everyone else is doing, but, are you doing so because someone you know is burgeoning so well in that field?

Is that where your best can be seen among others?

well, I’m sure you know I do not have answers to these questions because you have them.

we all aren’t meant for one thing. Don’t get frustrated because others are excelling in areas you are not.

Jossy Equa.

Today’s Rich Ghanaian Man

He met me on the street of Accra one awful evening. His car came to a halt as soon as he saw me. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even hear the car’s horn blowing to get my attention. I was damn! in need of money to settle a lot of my bills in school. And to even buy food to eat. the Benz moved slowly and blocked my way.I suddenly came into my body again.

Mr. Rich man rolled down his glass window, smiled and called, “hey sweet young lady. aren’t you in for a quick ride? I also smiled and hopped in. He took a quick glance at me, while he did that, I also smartly looked out for somethings in his car. My eyes met a first poster in his car, showing he was a Ghanaian politician and also a civil engineer. The second also confirmed he was contesting for an MP in the Bongo District. I know for sure that he saw poverty written all over me. So he asked, You look like you need something. Tell me, what do you need? I poured my heart to him like a dog who tried to bark so hard to let his master know how starved it was.

At first, I saw pity on his face and then, he opted to help me. I thought he was a God sent. I was convinced he was sent by God to help a poor needy girl trying to escape the hard torture of life.

Not until he gave me an option.

“You are beautiful and you need a man like me to add more beauty to the already pretty girl you are”. he paused and continued. All I need from you is a good sex I haven’t had for the four years my wife left me. I have been so lonely since then and I need a beautiful lady like you by my side”.

At this point, he was almost shedding tears.

Gush! I was touched. For once, I forgot all my problems and wanted to make him happy. I felt this sudden urge to help the lonely man. After some few minutes of silence in the car, I thought again about how I needed money to survive in Accra. How stranded I was that night. how I had no relatives there who could help.

Yes, I was so needy and never thought of going back home without making the family proud.

pirrrrrr! Pirrrrrr! pirrrrrr! his phone rung and interrupted my thought.

Mr. Rich man removed his phone from his pocket. He looked at the screen for the caller. At once, his mood changed. I saw how his heart lighted again as soon as he saw the caller through his facial reaction. Then, he smiled and answered the phone.

“Hello daddy’s pride, how is studies going”? he spoke

I didn’t actually hear what the caller said, but from their conversation, I realized the caller was his middle daughter who was 19 years in the University. She had called to demand money from her father who called her his pride. Again, my eyes went back to the posters I saw earlier. The name I saw looked familiar. I began to search my head for where I could have come across that name.

After agreeing to his daughter’s demands, his last few words woke me up from the nightmare.

He said : my pride, Ohenewaa Agyemang, the only favourite daughter of the Bongo District MP ( he bragged). Daddy is begging you to study so hard and get a first class degree. That way, I can straightaway get you a scholarship to further the degree to a masters outside the country. For the next seven years, I do not want you to think of entering any foolish love relationship. You will only come back to Ghana with a P.H.D in your profession.

Ahaaaaa! I really knew this man. Ohenewaa Agyemang was my course mate and my room-mate in school for that matter. This girl talks about his daddy who seemed like an angel. To her, Daddy was an excellent man in the entire universe. Wait, I needed to confirm for sure.

On a more serious note, the advice he gave to his daughter hit me right in the face. No, no, no hold on, did I hear him say that to his daughter? I asked myself.

This man wanted me to satisfy him in bed before he could help me? I was only 19 years. I needed to hear those same words from my poor dad too? But, it was a big no, because Daddy couldn’t even supply all my needs than to call and encourage me to study hard for him. All he could say to me, was to trust in only God for provision and not even in him, who was struggling to supply my needs.

So, Mr. Rich man needed me to perform duties like his runaway wife while his daughter concentrate on her studies? Hell No! I would have been foolish if I gave in to his offer.

I had dreams like he had for his daughter. I also knew perfectly well that even though daddy couldn’t supply me with everything, he believed in my dreams too. I could never have shut those dreams and play a sex doll for someone who wanted a future for his daughter who was the same age as me.

After his call, he dropped his phone and turned to me. I pretended to be busy on my phone.

He rubbed his palm slowly in my hair and called ” sweetie”. Nonchalantly, I raised my head and faked a smile at him. Then I asked, “was that your girlfriend” ( I teased). You seem to be so fond of her.

Hahahahahah! he laughed so hard and asked, “are you jealous already”? “Are you serious?” I also asked and chuckled. Well eeeeeerm, that was my sweet little daughter studying medicine in the University Of Ghana, he replied.

He looked me closely in the eye. He pulled closer and closer. I knew he was in for his first kiss right in his car. He touched my small chicken looked-like lap in the skinny jeans trouser I wore.

Like Lucifer thrown from heaven, I had this urge to destroy this man within my power. My eyes popped out as my hand touched an empty alcohol bottle behind my seat. I thought of hitting him so hard on the head.

Nope, I needed a better solution. Jossy you for look sharp, I thought. mistakenly my hand pressed the video record on my phone. Yes! That was exactly what I needed. I quickly wrapped my hands around his neck and held the phone tightly above his left shoulder.

Mr. Agyemang, I cleared my throat and continued. you want your first kiss already? Yeah baby, yeah and even more. It been so long I felt this way. Baby grant me the joy of making me taste it right here.. yes I mean now. He said. this time, he was breathing so fast like he had lost breath after running a long race.

Ohenewaa Agyemang, class 102, Volta Hall, room 218, I said. Quickly he withdrew from his position and questioned. Did I mention all that in my phone conversation too.”Nope”, I replied and proceeded…. “I know because I am Ohenewaa’s room-mate”. She speaks so well of you Honourable M.P. I couldn’t hold my laughter when I saw the look on his face. He looked like he had encounter an evil spirit in his car.

Calmly,he mastered the courage to speak again but a bit frightened this time. “You are the Jossy she speaks about all the time”? Yes Honourable”, I answered and smiled (teasingly). He came in again. “Oh dear I’m so sorry for my actions earlier on. Kindly forgive me. Ohenewaa told me how you sometimes help with her studies. from the way she spoke about you, I could tell you are a brilliant girl too”.

“Please, let’s forget about all that I said and never mention this to my daughter. In fact, I would do my best to help with some of your bills too for free”, he pleaded. I replied, “oh, so you can actually help me with that for free? Okay that’s fine…. let just say I have eeeerm, a short video of our little secret here on my phone” and I played.

With his head shamelessly bowed, I opened the car and stepped out….. Jossy , Jossy , I heard him call but I was already out in the dark.

That night, I slept peacefully knowing that I could count on my father’s words to TRUST GOD FOR MY NEEDS.

Ladies, who can guess how I had my bills settled from time to time, after my encounter with Mr. Agyemang? I never met him face to face again but my bills were mostly settled and on time. Imagine how I could have worked all night on him in bed for like only God knows how many rounds and hours. While my rommie studied all night . Just think of how these rich men who can help us only if we perform wifely duties to them, have daughters like us who they want to push to pursue their dreams and become great leaders in our country.

Don’t you think we deserve same or even more?

Jossy Equa.

Positive in Negativity

Kukua rushed into the kitchen.

She looked worn out.

She grasp a glass and opened the fridge.

She took a bottle of water and detached the cover, she filled herself a glass of water.

After drinking, she made a sigh of relief and leaned against the wall.

Mistakenly, she hits the glass on the wall.

Kring! It cracked and breaks.

She covered her mouth and gaze in awe at the broken glass.

Mom rushed into the kitchen and meet frustrated Kukua, trying to make something out of the broken glass.

Kukua! Mom screamed.

She tried to hide the glass at her back.

“Mom will punish me for my carelessness”. Kukua thought.

“Can I have the broken glass”? mom asked.

Kukua tugged it from her back, stretched her hands and opened her palm, showing the broken glass.

Wooow! Mom exclaimed and continue… “I hope you aren’t hurt, Kukua? This glass will be just good for keeping some beautiful bunch of flowers. Oh, I got them from a shop yesterday and I have been thinking of where to keep those flowers”.

This is perfect Kukua!

She rushed to her room and came back with the posy. She took the glass from Kukua and patched it carefully with a specialized glue made to bond with glass.

Mom then arranged the flowers nicely in it and placed the glass on their center table in the living room.

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! She clap, smile and just couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful posy on the table.

Kukua gaped at her mom, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought mom will yell at her today, but it seemed things turn out right.

In her heart, she was thankful to God for that broken glass being useful.

I just want to point out one thing to you.

See positivity in every negativity.

It doesn’t matter how broken you are, how used you have become. You can be useful for another wonderful thing.

Jossy Equa.